The Backsaver 300

The Backsaver 300 cart dumper provides the solution to the most common material handling needs. It combines a reliable lifting unit with a rigid steel frame. The lifting unit may be fixed, mobile or equipment mounted. Best of all it helps prevent back injuries.

Also, it is GREEN! There are no hydraulics to be concerned with!

One back injury will pay for several Backsaver 300's!

Great for:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Food processing
  • Factories
  • Shopping Centers
  • Churches


  • Works great next to a compactor or garbage dumpster!
  • Can be mounted against the wall or free standing!
  • Now available in stainless steel for food application!


  • Designed to prevent back injuries
  • 300 Pound lift capacity
  • 115 Volt AC powered
  • Toggle up and down with a key lock
  • Cycle time is ten seconds
  • Power coated finish for durability
  • One year limited warranty

Backsaver 300 in action!
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Backsaver 300 in Action!